With spaces being very limited, we raffled off the last session of the day with entry being just £2 so that everyone had an equal chance to train with Natalie. We hope that she will return to Tonbridge again in 2020!

Natalie Weiss Tonbridge Castle Brooke Wells
Natalie Weiss Tonbridge Castle Charlotte Boyd
Natalie Weiss Tonbridge Castle Betsy Lee Miller
Natalie Weiss Tonbridge Castle Rosanna Blackman Colclough

My 1-1 session with Natalie Weiss was such an engaging opportunity to widen my musical knowledge and vocal ability. I managed to greatly improve on a particular song which I can now confidently use in an audition, which was all thanks to being offered this thrilling experience - not to mention having it be with such an incredible, talented and welcoming performer like Natalie Weiss. Overall this was a very immersive and effective half an hour which I hope many other people have to chance to take part in.

- Gracie Franklin 

On Sunday 26th May 2019, we were excited to offer an exciting opportunity for aspiring performers to work with world class Vocal Coach, Natalie Weiss. Natalie has gained an international following from her performance videos and popular YouTube web series, "Breaking Down The Riffs". As a private Vocal Coach and master-class teacher, she trains performers across the US and throughout the world, so we were thrilled that she was able to visit us and offer her talent to local singers at the E.M. Forster Theatre in Tonbridge!

Natalie Weiss Tonbridge Castle Bravo Productions